14 June 2006

NBC: The Office

Oh man, this is one of the best shows i've ever seen. it's like a real-life family guy, only it's serial so you don't get sick of it after watching 2 episodes.

i have yet to watch the BBC version but the american one is great. you guys should definitely check it out!



Freckles said...

and the BBC one is just as awsome IF NOT MORE.
btw i'm a friend of tapans, thats how i got this link to your page, and i just had to comment on how much i agree that the office ROCKS
now to check out your artwork :P

Sarah said...

I second... uh, third.. the notion. The Office is one of the very few shows being made right now that is totally worth watching. So halarious. I was surprised when the american version turned out to be great, because the BBC original is so unbeleiveably deadly funny, and I thought remaking it would ruin it. But it didn't.
Hey, so... party next weekend! WHOOH!