21 October 2010

I would still pick you...

Here is a painting I made as part of a card for Stefan's and my seventh anniversary.

16 May 2010


Hey everyone! I'm traveling through the Mediterranean at the moment. My boyfriend and I have started a blog dedicated to our travels. Check it out!

19 March 2010

Easter Egg Backgrounds

Here are some backgrounds I made in Flash CS3 inspired by Easter egg patterns...

11 March 2010

Easter Chickadee

chickadee painted in Photoshop CS3, everything else done in Flash CS3.

A Mom's Many Roles

Here are some stills from a Mother's Day eCard I'm working on. I just like the colours of the backgrounds... :P

10 March 2010

A Night of Life Drawing at the Toronto School of Art

I was at the Toronto School of Art last week for a night of life drawing, something I haven't done since I left Sheridan back in April '08! I was actually surprised to find myself not too rusty, and got some half-decent drawings (in my opinion anyway...).

03 February 2010

Father's Day card

Here are some illustrations from a Father's Day card I'm working on. It shows what we can learn from our dads.

Being diplomatic:

Working hard at the office:

Expanding your mind via literature:

Being fiscally responsible: