10 March 2010

A Night of Life Drawing at the Toronto School of Art

I was at the Toronto School of Art last week for a night of life drawing, something I haven't done since I left Sheridan back in April '08! I was actually surprised to find myself not too rusty, and got some half-decent drawings (in my opinion anyway...).


Eduardo Avenir II said...

your drawings are very nice, like you never really stopped,the darkest shadow on the elbow of the 2nd last drawing is nice, ur gestures are nice too,there's a slight shaky quality to your line that could possibly be the 'rust' from not drawing since school but its kinda nice,its like you're not totally controlling the line,the shadow on the back of the head and hair of hte 2nd last drawing is rly nice too. (i basically just copy n pasted our conversation on msn about these.)

clifford chiu said...

ed you need to use the thesaurus for the word "nice".

and thanks :P

James said...

too many back poses! c+ :P