02 June 2008

Fast Food Pigeon (2008)

It's here!

Everything copyrighted to me. Don't use any of it without my permission!

Please leave your comments and criticisms :) I appreciate the comments.. and oh yeah.. I still need a job!

08 April 2008

Portfolio updates!

hi to the four of you who read this blog!

the film's all done and handed in; now i'm working on my portfolio and demo reel. to the right you can click on a link which will bring you to my Sheridan Online Portfolio.

here are three pieces i did for the portfolio this week, plus some updated life drawings pages.

someone hire me please!! :)

12 February 2008

UPDATED: coming april 2008....

UPDATE (05/04/08): the film is all done for the marking deadline. i might add some things for the industry day screening (depending on how my portfolio/demo reel is going), but once it's finalized i'll have it up on youtube or something and embed it on my blog!