25 October 2007

Debby in colour

some colour. just started today, pretty much. for the next seven weeks i'm aiming to work in colour mostly... let's see what happens.

24 October 2007

4th year film concepts

blob-pigeon pharoah about to devour the earth! (it makes more sense in context.)

not exactly what i had in mind, but oh well..

to clarify... that is an obese pigeon face down on a tongue, with crinkle fries shot into his back, and ketchup blood seeping out from underneath him. and a heat-lamp sun.

18 October 2007

Semester 7 Portfolio + 12 other drawings

so here's my semester 7 lifedrawing portfolio. i've been lifedrawing way too much. i need to work on my film!! hahaha...

anyway, i'm pretty happy with how the drawings turned out.

two nudes thrown in for good measure (both 5-minute):

and some 20-minute and longer:
this one is gerry's and my favourite from the portfolio:

and two heads. heads are still my weakest point, i think!
one of ron i put in the day the portfolio was due:

that's it for that!
here are some other drawings that didn't make the cut:

here's one of ed looking like something indecent is being done to him.. but really, he's just singing.

one of murray i got the day the portfolio was due:

a 3-minute of debby i really like:
and for fun, a 30-second...

and a one-minute.

so.. yeah, now i am going to work on my film. i'm a bit behind, but for those of you who don't know what it's about, i have three words for you: morbidly obese pigeon.