02 June 2008

Fast Food Pigeon (2008)

It's here!

Everything copyrighted to me. Don't use any of it without my permission!

Please leave your comments and criticisms :) I appreciate the comments.. and oh yeah.. I still need a job!


Anonymous said...

so cute. i like how the pigeon has to roll back and forth to pick up momentum to grab the fry. also like the older animation style, makes me think of old tim burton.

well done!

Mel Maduro said...

Fat Pigeon is my secret crush.

Matt Siditsky said...

I stumbled upon this short on cold hard flash....great job man...I love the staging and the animation is great!

Jason Barnes said...

hahah, that double take he does at the french fry is priceless.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, cool!

Anonymous said...

hahah nice vid man- i like mayo with my fries!!