23 June 2006


hey guys,

just a notice that i added some links on the right-hand side to artists that i admire.

*jeff george is a coloured pencil artist. you'll be amazed at how realistic his stuff looks and what can be done with coloured pencil.

*donato giancola is a fantasy illustrator who works in oils. his stuff is unreal; his flesh is really well painted as well as all the sci-fi machinery.

*todd lockwood is a fantasy illustrator. he used to work in oils; now he works in painter. his style has translated really well, keeping the lush look of his art.

*dermot power is a concept designer. he's done concept work for all four harry potter movies, batman begins and charlie and the chocolate factory. check out his "film visuals", they're amazing.

*ryan wurmser is a painter. i love his portrait and figure work.

that's it for now. i'll add to the list as i think of more artists i look up to.



Cooked Art said...

Thanks for the link to Dermot Powe's stuff - he's super awesome.

EdoAvenir said...

cool stuff. i've heard of some of these artists prior. i was thinking about doing a post like this to list some of my fave artists too...