16 May 2006


okay.. so this blog has been created and deleted and now created again.. i just hope it doesn't consume my free time. i am making it in hopes of getting my art out there and getting noticed.

so anyway.. here is my year two final lifedrawing portfolio.


ps. took forever to load these--after my first 5 were uploaded the next images were really stubborn in actually showing up even though blogger said they were uploaded.. is there something i'm doing wrong??

(update: fixed the broken links)


EdoAvenir said...

congratulations on finding out how to post stuff =) i'll add u on my blog

Cooked Art said...

For some reason the large versions don't show up when you click on the images.

When posting, I'd suggest switching from the "compose" mode to the 'edit html' mode simply because it's harder to mess up any code that would make your stuff display wrong.

I'd probably use save for web and lower the quality to 60 or lower - most of my life drawings are around 50k I believe. I wish there was an easier way to upload, say, 10 images to blogger, but there isn't =/

Anyways, good to see you bloggin'