30 May 2006

comingsoon.net interviews John Lasseter

for those of you who are interested, there is a great article over at www.comingsoon.net in which John Lasseter talks about Cars and the Disney merger.

some worthwhile quotes:

"At Pixar, the movies are director driven. What I mean by that is that the stories that the directors choose, they write and they come from their own heart. We're the only studio that's like that. All the other studios are executive-driven. The movies are picked by executives in development and directors are assigned to them."

"Tire store to a car is like a men's shoe store, right? I don't know if you noticed that when Luigi had McQueen try on the tires that there's a patch of asphalt in front of the mirror so you can see how good the tire looks on the asphalt. We have fun that way in really thinking through this world."

"[E]very boy is born into this world with his own set of sound effects. Right? Cars have a very different sound than a motorcycle, bombs, machine guns, flying like Superman, and all those sounds, and lightning and thunder, right? I had the tape rolling and I said, "Owen, what was your sound for thunder growing up?" and he started going, "Kachow! Kachow! K-k-k-chow!" I was sitting in the room laughing so hard. I would have never thought of that!"

"[T]he merger isn't going to change Pixar at all, because that was one of the parts of the deal. Bob Iger recognizes how special Pixar is and it's culture, and it's really protected. It's going to stay exactly the same. "

"Disney has been sort of an executive-driven studio for a long time, and I believe in having the stories come from [the directors], whether it's something they wrote and they like and it comes from their heart, and surrounding them and being honest with them when things are working and not working."


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