02 February 2007

an overdue slice of life

a bunch of recent lifedrawings. taking from gerry zeldin, i've been focussing more on shape and the graphicness of the pose... and now slowly integrating line back into my stuff.


EdoAvenir said...

the ones that stand out for me are the shaded ones at the end and also the one of tanya is cool =)

Yuriy Sivers said...


Very Nice! #5 and #6 are my favorite!

Riè said...

Aww great costume life drawings~!

I think I like (counting from the top) 4, 6 and beyond.

I wish we had costume life at Seneca... *weeps*

anit said...

Nice art, but why are many of the people sticking out their butts, those poses don't seem very natural.