24 November 2006

Lifedrawings: Georgina

Here are some drawings of Georgina (as per Lettie's request :P). She's very rare to get during extra life and she's also very good!


Lisa Tao said...

hello extutor =D
how do u draw so clean ):

Letz said...

thanks for that lil "linkage" :)

i gotta tell you this. one thing that i love about ur short poses/gesture is that it often pushes u to put your line down without too much measuring/consideration, becasue it often results to long and graceful lines that pull the drawing together plus you own sense of design, which is a rare one in our program (as a lot of people tend to draw similar). I noticed, though, that your recent drawings are more about getting an acurate drawing and less of the design, (prob was always like this but even more so now). I hope that with gerry and not being a tutor next semester, i will be able to see more innovitive and bolder drawings - design wise. I think you are good enough to toy aroudn with diff designs now :)

looking forward,
Lettie :)