14 October 2006


hey everyone!

so here is a digital painting of my boyfriend Stefan! i made it for him in celebration of our three years together so far.

done in painter9. took a long time, but i have no idea how many hours....



Jinny said...

Congratulations to both of you guys!! ^^ Really happy for the two of you~~

btw~~ Great digital painting.. I really love how you got some of the skin textures and really brought focus to the key features like the eyes and mouth =) *is impressed*!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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Tapan Gandhi said...

haha oh cliff.. u got a spam comment! anyways, this looks SOO GOOD, i especially like the nose area.. it kind of reminds me of this huge painting at the AGO of a face, and how the nose is out of focus cuz its closer to the camera, and the eyes and lips are crisp, just like urs! awesome as always

clifford chiu said...

jinny: thanks for the comments!!

tapan: thanks too! that's the chuck close painting.. he's crazy realisticly good.


pinky said...

wow, this is an awesome painting, the guy looks like a real nice guy!
Well done!

Halya said...

Wow Cliff, that's amazing!