07 July 2006

Copy of Donato Giancola's "Under Pressure"

so here is another copy of a Giancola painting, Under Pressure (13" x 20", Oil on Paper on Panel). just the man from it. this one was much harder to do; not sure why, i think the colour changes are much more subtle than the other one, and i'm not as happy with the end result.

what do you guys think?


Letz said...

hey i ilke it
.. asside from his mouth
tho i cant exactly say wads bugging me about the mouth tho wen i cover it it looks a lot better. maybe it has a less realisitic feel to it than the rest of the face. other than that, instead of trying to make a nice and smooth skin tone, try to craft out the shape of the face more than colours =P good job overall tho! looking forward to more cliff

Halya said...

Fancy ^_^